Needing an indoor space to shoot some hoops? BetterBubble fit one or two basketball courts and more! Whether you need some extra space for your school, team, or just yourself we have you literally covered with our BetterBubble buildings. They are perfect for extra gym space, or to cover outdoor basketball courts during the winter for year-long play!

Each BetterBubble includes:

  • The dome enclosure
  • Heating system
  • LED lighting
  • Doors
  • Installation expertise
  • …and much more


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Below, are the most common sizes for gymnasium bubbles we see with our Better Bubble system. If you have a different type of court, surface, or application you would like to cover Contact Us or Build Your Bubble to get quick pricing on your building.

Indoor Basketball Space

28’ x 58’ (1,624 ft2)

8.5m x 17.7m (150.45 m2)
Extra Space for Basketball

60' x 118' (7,080 ft2)

18.3m x 36m (658.8 m2)
Two-Court Basketball Gymnasium

108' x 118' (12,744 ft2)

32.9m x 36m (1,184.4 m2)
Cover Courts During Winter

60' x 80' (4,800 ft2)

18.3m x 24.4m (446.52 m2)

Looking for Another Size?

Contact our Better Bubble Builders for more custom sizes and options or Build your Bubble!