Superior Technology

BetterBubble is innovating cost-effective ways to cover backyard sports or any smaller, column-free space. We have designed our components with our customers in mind, making sure we are the most affordable when it comes to air-supported structures. Our technology makes us the most energy efficient option on the market, while also being an affordable solution to covering your space.

Quality Fabric

Better Bubble’s architectural fabric membrane ensures the structural integrity of your building, providing outstanding protection from outdoor elements. You can choose between single-wall, double-wall, and even triple-wall buildings and other custom options when you contact our BetterBubble team. The fabric is flexible while still maintaining the top-coat finish, increasing the fabric lifespan, keeping your building clean and protecting from weather.
Quality Fabric Technology

Enhanced Pressurization and Conditioning

Every Better Bubble is equipped with our proprietary, state-of-the-art inflation system. Our next generation heating and cooling systems are leading the industry with improved efficiency, reduced size, and increased capacity. Our systems are NOT off-the-shelf products repurposed from other applications; all of our pressurization and conditioning systems are engineered and manufactured in-house, designed specifically for our BetterBubble buildings. We use a high efficiency EC motor which means low energy costs – our pressurization fans only need 1 kW to keep your BetterBubble up, less than your average hair dryer! We pack a big punch into a little space, keeping the mechanical footprint outside your building small.
Enhanced Pressurization and Conditioning Technology

Secure Anchoring

Each BetterBubble needs a foundation to keep it anchored in place and secure. If you already have an asphalt or concrete surface to cover, perfect! As long as your asphalt or concrete is at least 3” thick and in good condition we can design a concrete or asphalt anchorage system to utilize your existing pad without having to demolish, excavate, or pour a new foundation. If you’re covering any other area including turf or grass, contact our BetterBubble builders for more custom anchorage options that will be perfect for your building. And if you’re starting from scratch putting in a brand new surface, we can help design your space to perfectly fit your new BetterBubble!
Secure Anchoring Technology

Access Door

Our access doors are the main entrance doors for your BetterBubble system. They provide wheelchair access and can be used for hand-truck deliveries as well. Two pressure-balanced doors are built in a frame with a short connecting tunnel creating an airlock system, maintaining the building pressure and minimizing air loss. The frame and doors are built from aluminum for long life and include vision panels for safety.
Access Door Technology

Exit Doors

The exit doors are specially designed, pressure balanced center-pivot doors so that the building pressure does not act against the user when opening or closing it. In fact, the doors are self-closing even with a positive building pressure, since the pressure on the door is balanced on each side of the center hinge. This hinge glides along a track allowing the door panel to move completely out of the way so it does not hinder the path of egress. Like the access door, these doors are aluminum construction with vision panels.
Exit Doors Technology