Padel Tennis

Our smallest layout is the perfect size for padel tennis, as we’ve taken everything from our standard tennis design and shrunk it down to a 28’ x 58’ footprint, allowing the dome to be installed INSIDE of an existing screen or fence.

Each BetterBubble includes:

  • The dome enclosure
  • Heating system
  • LED lighting
  • Doors
  • Installation expertise
  • …and much more

If your court is already in place, we can install the dome directly onto the perimeter of the court surface. If it’s new construction, we’ll give all of the necessary specifications to your court builder.


Below, see the typical size for a padel tennis bubble that is commonly used with our BetterBubble system. If you have a different type of court, surface, or application you would like to cover Contact Us or Build Your Bubble to get quick pricing on your building.

Paddle Tennis Bubble

28’ x 58’ (1,624 ft2)

8.5m x 17.7m (150.45 m2)

Looking for Another Size?

Contact our Better Bubble Builders for more custom sizes and options or Build your Bubble!